A.C.T. Training


I have been giving patient consultations successfully for years. Why do I need Advanced Consultation Training?


The training is suitable for all levels of aesthetic and medical professionals performing either surgical or non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Creating a consistent and measurable standard of consultation with the information that, as a matter of course, should be included to obtain genuinely informed patient consent will help in the credentialing of the consultation process. This forms an important part of a multi layered informed consent approach which could be used as part of the appraisal and revalidation process and continuing professional development.


A.C.T. Benefits

quoteWe believe the benefits to having advanced consultation skills are many. Not only can we minimise the risk of treating individuals who are potentially psychologically not suitable for cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, patients who ultimately will be dissatisfied with any treatment performed, but also through a more comprehensive and open dialogue at the consultation stage, practitioners will develop stronger bonds and relationships with their patients.

With social media facilitating patient feedback at a growing rate, it is even more important to ensure that the highest quality of engagement with patients is delivered throughout the whole process, from consultation to the treatment itself, all the way to aftercare. Where positive word of mouth and a practitioner’s reputation still outweigh any paid advertising, this is of vital importance to ongoing commercial success.

Additionally the A.C.T. framework has been created to help practitioners learn how important they are in the patient’s decision making process. How their own psychology has an impact on how they interact with patients, as well as the ability to help them make effective, productive and positive decisions about aesthetic procedures. This training will help in learning to identify and recognise how our beliefs, desires, and feelings affect our communication with patients and ultimately how we provide an effective and useful consultation.


A.C.T. is a competency based training course which we believe will help fill the void that currently exists in implementing these type of standards for non-surgical aesthetic procedures and treatments


The A.C.T. framework promotes the importance and use of a standard and consistent approach to both the verbal and written information which we provide to patients during the consultation process with the aim of obtaining genuine informed patient consent at each key stage of the consultation


Thus minimising the risk to both parties by reducing the potential for any misunderstanding in the communication of information about the procedure.

The foundation of the A.C.T. approach is to develop our skills, as aesthetic and medical professionals, to advance our communication and the information we provide our patients, so that both parties are in full agreement about the best procedure or treatment to help them realise their aesthetic goals.

The one day CPD-accredited training is designed to give delegates the tools they need to better manage patient expectations; communicate more positively and constructively with their patients, so as to forge stronger bonds and relationships; improve their understanding of the broader psychological and emotional factors that may be impacting their patient during their treatment journey; and identify those patients who may not be psychologically suitable for treatment.

Part of becoming an A.C.T. certified practitioner is recognising that not all patients may be right for the treatments we provide.


Sometimes the patient may seek a change that would require a service we don’t provide, or sometimes the patient may be looking to change something that isn’t really changeable with an aesthetic or cosmetic procedure.


This requires us to have a unique understanding of the patient’s goals as they relate to cosmetic and aesthetic changes as there is of course no ‘one size fits all’ approach for any patient.


It is essential we have a comprehensive understanding of what each individual is trying to achieve and whether we are best placed to help them achieve their goals.

A.C.T. Course Outline


quoteOur goal in A.C.T. is to help the practitioner quickly develop an understanding of each individual patient who is considering an elective cosmetic or aesthetic procedure and is about to make a change in his or her appearance.

Prior to attending the training course we will send you the A.C.T. manual, which details the A.C.T. philosophy and framework and our evidence based approach to patient assessment. It is important to have a good understanding of the material and to familiarise yourself with the content prior to attending as there will be a lot for us to cover together during the day. Additionally, there are a few areas that we would like you to prepare for prior to attending which we will be used and discussed in group sessions on the day.

A.C.T. is an important step in safeguarding patient safety and reduces the risk to practitioners from potential litigations in this area by treating patients who were unsuitable candidates for their elective aesthetic or cosmetic procedure

The procedure itself and ensuring our technical skills and knowledge are up to date are obviously vitally important. However, long before we get to the treatment stage we all have a responsibility to ensure that, as an industry, we are not capitalising on vulnerable individuals who get locked into a cycle of seeking ever more aesthetic or cosmetic procedures based on unrealistic expectations. It is risky for the patient and it poses risks to us and our clinics.